Your Pentest Partner.

Quality, comprehensive, penetration testing, carried out by top ethical hackers, and delivered to you in real-time in the Cloud. We are your pentesting partner.  

More than “Just” Pentests 

We want to change how you experience pentesting. Our seamless cloud platform makes every pentest a collaborative process, where you receive real-time updates, restesting, and proof-of-findings. We deliver more than just findings, we work with you to ensure you can remediate issues and keep your organization safe.  

Deep Scans of Your Apps

Gain insight into your cybersecurity as we conduct penetration tests against your people, processes, and technology. We’ll deep-scan your organization to deliver a customized threat and security profiles and threat-risk analysis to help you secure your environment.  

Compliance and Data Privacy

Maintain PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001, ISAE3402, SOC-2, and other regulatory compliance with standard penetration tests, re-scheduled as part of the existing pentest, so you stay secure and stay compliant. We’re your pentest partner, and we’ll let you know when it’s time for your next test.  

Gray, White, & Black Testing  

Qualitative grey-box, black-box, and white-box testing performed according to your needs, with your entry point. PentestHero can either fully customize your pentest or launch quickly with an existing framework and entry-point of your choice.  

Scalable to Every Organization

We leverage automation and digitzation to cut manual data entry, speed up processes, and reduce human error, so we can quickly scale up or down to deliver quality penetration testing, to organizations ranging from startups to enterprise.


With easy, ticket-based reporting, one-on-one communication, and real-time alerts, we offer small businesses and startups the real support and human touch they need to understand and solve cybersecurity findings.


Take a hands on approach to cybersecurity. PentestHero directly integrates compliance officers and devs into the platform, so you can seamlessly manage security and compliance, whether you have one domain or 100+. 


With high standards for testing, traceability, and transparency, plus easy delivery in the form of ticket-based and traditional reports, PentestHero is ideal for large-scale organizations looking for a better way to manage cybersecurity. 


Expertise in Front & Back-end Security

PentestHero delivers a complete analysis of your cyber-security, with expertise in front-and-back-end applications and web services.  


PentestHero will test your websites and front-end applications for vulnerabilities, using customized OWASP frameworks.


A full website pentest assesses your site for attack risks, authentication risks, and vulnerabilities. PentestHero can assess and manually test websites based on any CMS, including WordPress and Joomla, to identify risks including outdated components, plugin vulnerabilities, authentication risks, spam opportunities, and data exposure risks. 

We blend automatic scans with manual testing from authenticated and unauthenticated perspectives (Grey-box, White-box, black-box). You set the scope, point of entry, and depth of testing and our team follows up with comprehensive penetration tests.




Fully understand the vulnerability profile of your web applications, with an in-depth Pentest designed to find vulnerabilities including data leak risks, data exposure, and administrative risks. We can conduct internal or external penetration testing, utilizing a framework to test for all risks ranging from broken authentication and CSRF vulnerabilities to SQL injection and administrative risks, or to check for specific targets. We offer full support for technologies including but not limited to .NET, Java, Python, PHP, CSRF, XSS, etc.

Mobile Applications

PentestHero helps you identify risks in iOS and Android mobile applications, to ensure secure communication with backend, and risks in your mobile backend and its communication.

Our methods include reconnaissance and evaluation to identify potential exploitation, testing of identified exploits and entry points, and risk analysis. We utilize assessments like file system analysis, package analysis, reverse engineering, dynamic analysis, inter-process communication endpoint analysis, and more to determine where your apps are at risk.


We fully assess your APIs and Databases to identify internal and public-facing threats and risks to your organization.  

API Backends

We perform a complete analysis of API and Rest API backends for mobile apps or Single Page Applications (SPA) using OWASP 10 standards including Injection, Access Control, Information Disclosure, IDOR XSS, and more.

Here, our consultants manually test authentication (oAuth, HTTP Basic, Digest Authentication, JSON Web Token Introduction), structure, processing requests, etc. to identify vulnerabilities across any kind of backend, including .NET, Java, Python, and PHP.

Public APIs

We check accessibility, authentication, and injection vulnerabilities from user, admin, and moderator access levels, check IDOR-type vulnerabilities, and test XML entry to see API response.

Our team thoroughly analyzes what restricted and standard users can accomplish by changing or injecting code, check access and access level for authentication, review session management, review credentials management, and test access vulnerabilities across REST or SOAP/XML API properties. .



We perform penetration tests to assess common databases like MySQL, Oracle 12C, Microsoft SQL, SAP HANA, and others.

Our team uses information gathering, enumeration, SQL Injection, Injection in stored procedures, SYSTEM level attacks, exploiting known SQL issues, hash cracking, TNS listening, PL/SQL injection, and authentication and authorization tests.  


Our team performs comprehensive network pentests to ensure the safety of cloud and on-premise server networks.  

Public Cloud

Following permission from your cloud service provider, we test security, access rights and issues, administration security, and vulnerabilities across cloud networks and virtual properties including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Windows, OSX, and Linux. This can include stateful analysis testing, DNS attack risk analysis, zone transfer testing, switching and routing issues, all typically at an API/GPU level (Which you control). 

Here, security, access rights, and DNS are the most common tests, which we perform through your firewall, from inside your network, or attempted VPN access, depending on testing rights granted.




Secure on-premise networks and servers with full penetration testing including firewall configuration testing, stateful analysis, firewall bypass testing, IPS evasion, DNS attacks, access rights and authorization tests, versioning of components, assessment of existing firewalls, and more.

We offer penetration tests across Secure Shell (SSH), SQL Server, MySQL, SMTP, FFTP, Microsoft Outlook/Azure, and others, with tests performed on-premise or through VPN access.

Client Workstations

Defend client-side workstations, web-browsers, IaaS and PaaS, and computer networks with complete penetration testing.

Client-side exploitation and attacks involve internal network penetration testing, which may involve granting access rights or us attempting to gain entry to internal networks using authorization, SQL injection, or other attacks.  

Are you ready to secure your firm for the long-term. Start your first Pentest now to begin your partnership with PentestHero and experience everything modern pentesting should be.


Change the way you approach security. PentestHero delivers seamless, recurring penetration tests through our cloud platform. Findings are delivered in as tickets to your Security Dashboard, relevant people are notified in real-time, and new audits are automatically scheduled as part of an ongoing process. 

Your Pentest Platform

From onboarding to scheduling ongoing pentests, PentestHero is here to make your pentest processes better. We deliver full access to a Security Dashboard, where you can request audits, see findings delivered in real-time, track findings and proof-of-concept files in one secure place, and automatically assign findings to developers. Our cloud platform is designed around helping you with findings, risk analysis and reports, and your security environment, so you can remediate issues and stay secure. With PentestHero, pentesting is a collaborative process.  

Expert Ethical Hackers

Penetration testing is what we do. We’re nerds, we love to take things apart, break them, and (of course) help you fix them. Our pentest team consists of ethical hackers and security experts, ready to tackle any security challenge you throw at them. We hire for excellence, passion, and out-of-the-box thinking, because that’s what it takes to deliver quality pentesting. 

We’re proud of our people, and we think you’ll be delighted to have us on your side. 

How secure is your organization?