How it Works

We deliver and manage Pentest reports via our cloud platform, for seamless real-time collaboration with your team. 

An Ongoing Process

Security risks are ongoing, constantly changing, and ever growing. You need a cyber-security partner to ensure your security profile remains strong.

1 – Request a Pentest

Sign up right on to start your Pentest. We’ll onboard you to our cloud platform, complete with real-time notifications, a threat dashboard, and developer integration. PentestHero uses a simple credit pricing system, – plus pentest frameworks for OWASP, OTG, and ASVS – to empower developers to quickly set up and launch pentests as part of development cycles. 

2 – Define Project Scope 

Work with us to define your full project scope. Our pentesting is based on scale (size and number of assets) plus depth (compliance level), so setting scope stays simple. Here, you import assets such as web applications, infrastructure components, IP addresses, etc., and we’ll help you determine where we focus penetration testing to ensure you get the best security coverage. 

3 – Onboard Your Team

Invite stakeholders and developers to the platform, assign roles, and sit back. PentestHero directly integrates into your project management tooling, alerting developers in real time as findings, results, and change requests come in. 

4 – Project Kickoff

Kickoff your project with an online meeting to finalize scope, Pentest frameworks, and testing details. We’ll discuss your project, timelines, and answer any questions upfront to ensure everyone starts off on the right track, so your penetration testing goes smoothly.  

5 – Pentest Starts

Our ethical hackers take over, assessing your properties for vulnerabilities. We test using defined Pentest frameworks, so you always know what we’re testing and why, with a full log of what was checked and when. Our ethical hackers are, at minimum, OSCP level. 

6 – Results

Findings are delivered in real time to your Security Dashboard. We’ll rank findings based on threat level, upload findings, screenshots, and hacker notes to one findings page, automatically alert relevant members of your team, and create tickets so you can get started fixing problems. 

7 – Retesting

PentestHero makes retesting part of your Pentest process. We’ll automatically retest findings as you solve them to ensure problems are gone and your properties are secure. Your pentest isn’t over until everything has been resolved.  

8 – Final Report

View your final report in our cloud dashboard, or export to PDF to share with stakeholders not on the platform. Every report includes a custom risk profile for your organization, complete with findings, fixes, and current status.  Stakeholders can export findings into pentest reports, or generate compliance reports for ISO27001, DIGID, or OWASP10 and more. 

9 – Ongoing Pentesting

Cybersecurity is an ongoing need. Your organization needs consistent, ongoing penetration testing to ensure you remain safe from threats. That’s why we make scheduling your next pentest part of the existing one, so you stay safe with ongoing security audits.  

How secure is your organization?