No matter what type of compliance you need, pentesting is increasingly part of it. Pentesting, when combined with a third-party assurance certification, is an important part of showing that your website and applications meet security standards. At the same time, the traditional approach to pentesting for compliance is less than ideal. Most organizations reach out to pentesters last minute, rush through the pentest, and get the results in the form of a PDF. This process means you have little time to plan your pentest and less time to remediate before the audit. This can slow your audit process significantly, as you have to remediate issues during the assessment.  

That’s where Pentes-as-a-Service comes in. PentestHero delivers recurring, scheduled pentests through a digital platform. You onboard your team, plan pentests in advance, and schedule the next pentest as part of the existing one. We deliver pentest results, including vulnerability findings and the pentest report, through a cloud portal. While Pentest-as-a-Service is most-often sold to organizations looking for security, it also offers numerous advantages for organizations looking to pass audits. 

Scheduled Pentests Add Convenience and Save Costs 

When you choose to pentest with PentestHero, you can easily schedule your next pentest at the end of your current one. If you’re pentesting for compliance, you can essentially schedule a new pentest for a year from that date (or, if you’re a little late, a bit sooner). Then, when compliance season rolls around you’ve already found your pentester, the pentest is set up, and all you have to do is confirm that your assets and environments are the same before we get started. 

That means: 

  • You won’t be late with your pentest 
  • Everything is already set up, so you’ll re-use work from this year 
  • You can easily choose pentest standards, such as OWASP, that you need to meet compliance 
  • Your pentesters (hopefully us) will have a better idea of your platform. We’ll also be able to see your results from the previous pentest so we can scale up pentesting based on your environment security

More Time to Remediate 

When you pentest with PentestHero, we deliver vulnerability findings to you through our client portal. Rather than receiving a single PDF document after the pentest, your teams will see notifications as we deliver vulnerabilities. That gives them time to remediate, request retesting, and otherwise prepare for the report. Your first retest with PentestHero is always free. 

This can be highly advantageous during an audit. For example, rather than showing the auditor the vulnerabilities, you show them a clean dashboard. While you won’t be able to close all vulnerabilities, having time to remediate before the audit can help you to pass more quickly, because you won’t have to wait for a reassessment. 

Pentesting According to Visible Compliance Standards 

If we know you’re testing for compliance standards, like PCI DSS or DIgiD, we deliver a pentest report around those needs. This means we use a compliance checklist during pentesting. If you have to pass a DigiD audit, we pentest for that purpose. Then, we map vulnerability findings to that compliance framework, so you can see how vulnerabilities fit into the framework and how they’re likely to impact your audit. Plus, with OWASP standards used for pentesting, you can always see that our pentesting meets specific standards of quality required for your compliance. 

  • We pentest a full list of checks based on your compliance needs
  • Vulnerabilities are mapped to the compliance framework so you can set priorities quickly 

Vulnerability Metrics and Profiles 

Finally, one of the largest benefits of Pentest-as-a-Service is that we on board you to a digital portal. This includes free vulnerability management tools for you. In addition to collaboration and findings-as-tickets, you get metrics on findings, Time-to-Fix, severity of vulnerabilities, and your threat profile. This allows you to see where you’re at risk, what common issues you have, and how frequently issues crop up. 

It also means you can go over your threat profile with your compliance officer or auditor, using metrics showing resolved findings. 

Pentest-as-a-Service essentially delivers predictable, traceable, and visible pentesting. Finance can see costs upfront and devs and compliance offers see vulnerabilities before the audit. And, your audit or compliance officer can see what’s been resolved and the retest instead of just the pentest report. If you want to learn more about how Pentest-as-a-Service simplifies your ongoing compliance, contact us for a call, or visit our How it Works page to see how we deliver pentests.