Your Pentest Partner in the Cloud

Cybersecurity testing – performed by expert ethical hackers – delivered in real-time to your security dashboard, and repeated in cycles as part of your ongoing security profile.



Pentests should integrate seamlessly into your business processes. With PentestHero, they do. Access projects, teams, findings, and reports in the cloud, through one intuitive dashboard. No more email, no more PDFs, no more hassle. Just simple, actionable pentest-as-a-service, driven by your organization and its needs.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Stay secure and compliant with rigorous pentests, scaled to your environment, built on industry-standard compliance frameworks, & conducted by world-class pentesters.

Cloud Platform

PentestHero delivers findings in real-time via our security dashboard; with at-a-glance security profiles and threat analysis so you always know where you stand..

Team Collaboration

Integrate pentests into continuous Agile cycles with automation and a system that puts stakeholders in control, so they can request pentests and remediate right away.    

Your Cyber-Security Partner

Security risks are ongoing, constantly changing, and ever growing. You need a cyber-security partner to ensure your security profile remains strong. PentestHero offers ongoing pentests to organizations of every size, through our cloud platform, with full team collaboration, remediation, and management, so you stay secure.

High Cyber-security Standards

At PentestHero, we leverage the best in modern technology and hacker talent to help you stay secure. We offer true security expertise, delivering high-quality Pentests and results, updated to meet the latest risks and threats. We maintain strict quality standards to help you through compliance and regulation needs, and to reduce risks of hacks and breaches. Plus, with a platform built on collaboration and remediation, your team can remediate issues quickly so your organization stays secure. Your security is your security, and we keep you involved at every step.

Your Security Dashboard

Forget about sifting through 50-page PDF reports with no real idea of what you’re looking at. PentestHero keeps you informed, sharing our comprehensive testing frameworks and processes based on standards like PCI, HIPAA, ISO27001, ISAE3402 and SOC-2, so you always know what’s checked and why. Reports are delivered through our security dashboard, where your experts can log in to see findings, reports, risk analysis, and more, with an intelligent overview of your application security, risk, and current status.

Cyber-Security Experts  

Our ethical hackers and security consultants rank among the best in their field. At PentestHero, we believe in automation, simplification, and digitization. The real work is and always will be handled by people. And, we’re proud of our people; the ethical hackers, consultants, and experts who consistently deliver passion, creative thinking, and unique insight to our clients. When you hire PentestHero, you partner with real people who care about your cybersecurity.  

Our Partners in Cybersecurity 

When you choose PentestHero, you choose a cybersecurity partner, who will work with you for ongoing pentests to make sure you stay secure, long term.  

"Every vulnerability impacts businesses differently. That's why it's critical for us to connect with developers so we can deliver real solutions."

– András Kosztyu, Cybersecurity Specialist

How secure is your organization?